Our Revenue Services is aware that account statements that were generated on the new MunSoft system and emailed to account holders yesterday had presentation errors. We are attending to the matter and will email corrected statements later today.

Queries regarding unallocated payments to clients’ accounts have also been received and we encourage affected clients to send emails to together with proof of unallocated payments to allow our personnel to allocate such payments.

Revenue Services has also received enquiries relating to high water and electricity bills. We would like to assure clients that municipal tariffs have not changed since last month, and that any noticeable increase would generally be attributable to increased consumption of utilities and not due to the system change. Each query will however be investigated and responded to on its merits.

Lastly, clients are reminded of the following:
Account numbers: You will notice your new 10-digit account number on the new statement. Although it is still acceptable to use your old account number when making payments or enquiring about your account, we encourage clients to transition and use the new 10-digit account number.

SMSs: Account balances sent via SMS contained the new 10-digit account numbers however, the balances are correct.

Online customer portal: The portal will go live on 22 April 2024 and account holders will be able to re-register and access their municipal accounts online.

While we acknowledge that a financial system change is a big project that comes with its challenges, we wish to express our gratitude for your patience, understanding and constructive feedback during this transition period.

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