Mogale City’s Financial Management Services is pleased to announce that the municipality’s financial system transitioned from BIQ to MunSoft earlier this month.

This change is driven by our commitment to modernise our financial systems, enhancing productivity, improving decision-making capabilities, and ultimately better serving you, our valued account holders.

Furthermore, this shift aligns with National Treasury directives requiring municipalities to implement fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems compliant with the Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts (mSCOA). The mSCOA framework ensures consistency and comparability in financial reporting across facilitating comprehension and analysis by stakeholders such as government officials, auditors, and the public. We are pleased to affirm that MunSoft meets these requirements.

As part of this transition, all municipal account numbers will change from the old 15 digits to 10 digits, however, the account number change will in no way affect clients as the old BIQ account number will be recognised and accepted by the new MunSoft system.

You will also notice a new look and feel to your statement from next month. Additionally, a new e-statement customer portal will be introduced, seamlessly integrating with the financial system. Details regarding the new statement format and account numbers will be communicated to you prior dissemination of the statements while the introduction of the new online portal will be announced at a later stage. For now, the old online statement system will remain accessible to all account holders.

We encourage account holders to monitor our website for updates and further communication.