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When do I need approval for building work?

You need Mogale City’s approval for any building work or alterations as stipulated in the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (Act 103 of 1977) as amended, the following will require approval:

  • Extensions to existing building
  • Erection of new buildings
  • Conversion of existing loft into a room
  • Conversion of existing garage into a habitable room
  • Internal alterations
  • Carports
  • Cell mast
  • Outdoor advertising structures
  • Construction of a conservatory
How do I submit building plans?

A completed application form obtainable from Building Development Management offices accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Copy of the title deed
  2. 3 sets of building plans (1 copy in colour, 2 in black and white) signed by the owner, architect/draughtsperson and engineer
  • Electrical layout plan
  • Solar geyser as per regulation
  • Fenestration calculations (roof, energy, conductance, heat gains, walls etc.)
  • For new buildings 20% hot water
  • A complete schedule of areas
  • Windows and doors schedule
  1. Zoning certificate
  2. S.G diagram
  3. Sewer layout
  4. Consent letters from adjacent neighbours stating that they have no objection to the proposed building work
  5. SACAP form signed by the registered person and property owner
  6. Engineer’s appointment forms
  7. Where applicable:
  • Letters of approval in respect of a building line relaxation
  • Stamped fire plans


Documents must be hand-delivered to:

Building Development Management counter
Furncity Building
Ground floor
Corner Human and Monument Streets


Between 08:00 am and 14:45 pm from Monday to Friday

When and at what stages do I have to request an inspection?

Building Development Management must be notified two working days in advanced that an inspection is required. It is important that all compulsory inspections be carried out in order to allow the municipality to issue a completion certificate upon application.

Compulsory inspections that one needs to book with Building Development Management include:

  • Site and foundation trenches
  • Open and closed drainage
  • Inspection on completion. It is important to request a completion inspection ideally before your builder leaves the site as additional work/cost may be necessary


Please note that it is illegal to occupy a building/ extension without an occupation certificate.

What do I need to do once building work has been completed?
  • Contact Building Development Management office to arrange a final inspection
  • It is recommended that final payments to builders be made only after the final inspection has been carried out and a certificate of occupancy is issued
  • Request a final inspection from Building Development Management and produce applicable certificates (engineers completion certificate, glazing, roof, certificates of compliance electricity). If all is in order, the Building Inspector will issue a certificate of occupancy
  • Occupation certificate should not be taken as a guarantee or warranty of the building work

Please remember that the municipality cannot replace the services of a Project Manager or Architect. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that work done meets current standards, our site presence is comparatively limited. You may need to employ the services of appropriate consultants for quality assurance assessments purposes.

Do I need permission to demolish existing buildings?

Yes. All buildings that are to be demolished must first get permission from Mogale City.


Steps to follow:

  • Obtain and complete an application form (obtainable from Building Development Management)
  • An application fee needs to be paid depending on square metres
  • A demolition permit will then be issued with stated conditions to be complied with
What happens if my building plan application is not approved?
  • You may appeal such decision in writing within 21 days to the Review Board. The board will establish whether applicable building legislation was adhered to.


    To initiate an appeal the following must be lodged with Building Development Management:

    • An application for review by the board (SABS Regulatory Affairs), setting out in writing the grounds on which it is based
    • Building plans, documents and photographs to enable the board to effectively deal with the appeal
    • A copy of the appeal with the local authority in question

    A statutory fee

How long is an approved building plan valid for?
  • A building plan is valid for 12 months from the date of approval. This is in terms of Section 7(4) of the National Building Regulations
  • You may apply in writing to your local authority for an extension before the expiry date
  • An extension can be granted for six months upon receipts of written request from the property owner
Requirements for a boundary wall
  • Title deed or deed of transfer
  • 3x sets of building plans if the wall is higher than 1.8m
  • G diagram
  • Consent letters from adjacent neighbours stating that they have no objection to the building of the boundary wall
  • Engineer’s appointment forms if the boundary wall is higher than 1.8m and boundary wall design from the engineer
  • Land surveyor’s report or certificate

No application will be considered without submission of all the required documents.

How can I obtain a copy of my building plan?

Property owners can obtain a copy of an approved building plan by visiting our Building Development Management counter located at:

Furncity Building
Ground floor
Corner Human and Monument Streets

Between 08:00am and 15:00pm from Monday to Friday

To make things easier, download and complete a BDM 167 form and hand deliver to the above address.

How can I make an appointment with a building inspector?

To schedule an appointment with a building inspector, please send an email to or or




Palesa Morake: 011 951 2118

Ayanda Mbukushe: 011 951 2162 or 065 941 9735

Creswell Basson: 010 822 8047 or 083 787 5904 

Find us:

Building Development Management counter
FurnCity Building
Ground floor
Corner Human and Monument Streets


When do I need to apply for land use rights?

You need to apply for land use rights whenever you change the type of land use on your property. For example, a normal dwelling house is intended exclusively for residential purposes. Should you change the use of your house for any other purpose then an application for land use will be required. Please contact Development Planning Division to apply or enquire.

What types of applications are there?
  • Consent use (also if you want to establish a second dwelling or granny flat on your erf)
  • Rezoning (Amendment Scheme)
  • Township Establishment applications (if you wish to develop a portion of farm land into individual even, or in cases where you want to establish a variety of land uses on a farm portion)
  • Subdivision (if you want to divide your erf/holding/farm portion into more than one portion)
  • Relaxation of Building Line (if you want to encroach over the building line with a building)
  • Site Development Plan (extensions to or construction of a new building to be submitted for all types of buildings except for at a normal Residential House), to be considered prior to the approval of Building Plans.
How can I find out if an application is necessary?

Each erf, holding or farm portion is unique and every development has different requirements. It is therefore best to enquire whether you need to apply for land use rights and for which type of application you should opt. It is also advisable that you first visit our offices to ascertain what type of application you should lodge. You can also lodge such a request via e-mail and your enquiry will be routed to the correct Town Planner.

How do I submit an application?
  • In many cases a private Town Planning Consultant needs to be appointed to submit an application on your behalf due to the legal technical nature of applications. Some applications are less technically challenging and could therefore be submitted by the land owner. It is once more safer prudent to rather enquire from the Development Planning Section in these matters.
How do I complain about intrusive uses in my area?

In many instances, land owners or occupiers implement land uses that are intrusive and offensive to adjacent land owners or occupiers. In many cases, such land uses are illegal and need intervention from the municipality. You can lodge your complaint to or submit a written submission to the Development Planning Section in person.

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General enquiries
Tel: 011 951 1734

Pauline Mokale
Tel:  011 951 2004

Find us:

FurnCity Building
First Floor
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