As improvement in our water system remains incredibly low, Water Services continues to plead with consumers that have running water to restrict consumption to household use. The current increased water usage is dropping water levels in our reservoirs at an alarming rate as they do not get a chance to fill up.

As at this morning, the below update on Rand Water reservoir levels can be given. These levels have only increased by 11,9% since last week Tuesday, meaning that both Rand Water and Mogale City’s systems remain under constant pressure.

Krugersdorp Reservoir 2: 16% 
Krugersdorp Reservoir 3: 26%
Krugersdorp Reservoir 4: 49%

These levels are adversely affecting levels at the Krugersdorp and Kenmare Reservoirs which are currently at 5% while Kagiso Reservoir is at 2%. This makes it impossible for Water Services to pump water to respective areas for distribution. The current heatwave is also putting severe strain on the water system as water demand and consumption is much higher than normal.

Water Services will continue to monitor the situation and provide regular updates. Should the situation not improve, water throttling (reducing pressure and flow) will be considered in some areas to stabilise our network while ensuring that sufficient water is available in our reservoirs to supply every household and business in the city.

We once again urge residents to adopt water saving measures to reduce high consumption.

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