Friday, 8 March 2024
Time: 14h00pm

Following days of battling with low water levels at our reservoirs and towers due to high demand, Mogale City Water Services regrets to inform residents that our reservoirs have still not recovered to minimal levels. As at this morning, the following update on Rand Water reservoir levels which impacts on full water restoration can be given: 

Krugersdorp Reservoir 2: 16%
Krugersdorp Reservoir 3: 35%
Krugersdorp Reservoir 4: 44%

As temperatures are continuing to peak, water demand and consumption is much higher than normal thus exceeds reservoir levels. As a result, our water system does not get a chance to recover as water is immediately consumed once dispensed into reservoirs. Nearby water tanker fill-up points are also empty necessitating trucks to drive out further to fill up.

Given the above-mentioned challenges, Water Services pleads with residents to limit their water consumption to absolute necessary household use from today until Tuesday to help get reservoir levels to the desired minimum levels.

While we acknowledge the need to stay cool and hydrated in this heatwave, we need every resident’s support to ensure that we have sufficient water to supply every household and business in the city.


Wednesday, 6 March 2024
Time: 14h00pm

City Power has completed repairs at the Eikenhof Substation and 100% of power supply to Rand Water Board has been restored. Accordingly, Rand Water was given the green light to pump water at full capacity at 23h30pm last night and has commenced pumping water to various municipality user reservoir depots including Mogale City.

Although water supply has been restored in some parts of the city, our reservoir levels remain very low as demand for water is high extremely and thus immediately consumed when dispensed.

We anticipate that as Rand Water continues to pump, our supply to affected areas will slowly improve as water reaches the required levels for optimal pressure to be restored. However, residents in higher lying areas will unfortunately experience the outage for a prolonged period as our system gradually recovers.

Water Services still requires all residents’ assistance and support by using water sparingly as our reservoirs fill up to required levels.

We once again thank all affected residents and businesses for their patience and understanding for the duration of the interruption.


Tuesday, 5 March 2024

Time: 14h30pm

As repairs are currently in progress at Eikenhof substation, Mogale City reservoir levels continue to drop.

Water Services urges residents that still have water supply to stay water conscious and restrict water consumption to absolute necessary use as our reservoir levels continue to drop at an alarming rate.

The measured Mogale City reservoir levels as of 14h00pm are as follows:

Krugersdorp Reservoir 2: Empty

Krugersdorp Reservoir 3: 17%

Krugersdorp Reservoir 4: 39%

Kagiso Reservoir 1: Empty

Kagiso Reservoir 2: Empty

Water Services is in constant communication with Rand Water and will continue to provide regular updates.



Tuesday, 5 March 2024

Time: 14h30pm

Mogale City Water Services regrets to informs residents of yet another incident at Rand Water’s Eikenhof substation which occurred at 20h00pm last night. The incident has affected a dedicated transformer supplying power to Rand Water board pump station meaning that the bulk water supplier is not pumping water and no alternative supply is available.

As a result, Rand Water and Johannesburg Water reservoirs have reached concerning low levels with limited supply to our reservoirs and towers. This regrettably has an immediate effect on Mogale City’s water supply leaving many areas without water.

We therefore encourage residents that still have water supply to use water sparingly during this time as Rand Water currently does not have an expected time for completion.

Affected residents are urged to communicate with their ward councillors for water tanker locations while we await further updates.

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