The 58-hour planned maintenance at Eikenhof Pumping Station that commenced on Tuesday, 11 July at 19:00 was successfully completed this morning at 05H00.

Following the completion of this necessary maintenance work at three sites namely, Zwartkopies Pumping Station, Vereeniging and Zuikerbosch Water Treatment Plant, Rand Water subsequently commenced with recharging and pumping water to various reservoir depots. This means that Zwartkopies Pumping Station began pumping to Yeoville and Meredale Rand Water Reservoirs which feed the Kagiso Water System.

We regret to inform residents that the entire municipal water supply system has run dry, leaving all our water storage reservoirs and municipal water distribution network empty. This also led to no abstraction of water from the network by municipal water tankers.

Mogale City residents are therefore notified that since reservoirs and water distribution network have run dry and empty, it will take several days before water supply reaches the correct levels and optimal water pressure for normal water supply to commence.

Residents that still have water are urged to continue using water more sparingly than ever to allow for our reservoirs fill up to the required levels.

The municipality apologises for the inconvenience and is working hand in hand with Rand Water to fast-track the full restoration of water.

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