Mogale City is experiencing a severe water shortage coming from Rand Water since last week Thursday. This has in turn placed difficulty in our reticulation to supply water to our customers, which among other include areas such as Kagiso and Chamdor.

This shortage of water supply has also affected municipal reservoir levels, which are currently sitting below the minimal critical levels causing a challenge to pump water to our Kagiso tower, which supplies water to the high laying areas such as Ward 9 and surrounds.

Based on information received from Rand Water yesterday, water still cannot be supplied at the required supply volumes.
With Rand Water reservoir levels slowly filling up, supplying water at full capacity also remains a challenge, however, we remain hopeful that by this afternoon or evening, water supply will be restored to the minimum required levels.

Water tankers will be arranged in the affected areas until the water levels in the reservoirs have stabilised.

On behalf of Rand Water the municipality apologises for the inconvenience caused by this interruption.