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Following the appointment of a service provider in March 2024 to address ailing water sewage pump stations, Mogale City Water Services is pleased to announce minor but significant milestones: the handover of the problematic Munsieville Extension 4 Sewage Pump Station to the contractor last month and visible progress made on the Brickvale Sewage Pump Station.

While the municipality acknowledges the urgency of the project, rigorous project management and a commitment to cost-containment are amongst factors that have led to delays. This approach not only demonstrates the municipality’s commitment to stringent contract management but also guarantees value for money for both the municipality and its ratepayers.

Although initially estimated at R2 million, final figures for the Munsieville Pump Station Refurbishment Project will be determined upon conclusion of negotiations and approval of rates for secondary refurbishment work which although is important, has no bearing on the operation of the pump, which at this stage is a primary requirement. These auxiliary project requirements among other include barbed fencing, safety signage and other requirements that can impact on operation of the pumpstation.


Aligned to the urgency of the work, both the municipality and the service provider have agreed to prioritise the primary requirements which cover the following three major elements at the sewage pump station:

  • Servicing of the mechanical screen and press;
  • Ordering and installation of a new pump; and
  • Refurbishment of electrical panels.

Following the site handover, the service provider commenced work on these critical outlined components. With the above prioritised areas of work done, the pump station should optimally function and see an end of sewage spillage from the Munsieville side into Percy Stewart and the Blaaubankspruit thence the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.

Brickvale Residential Settlement Sewage Pumpstation

Progress has also been made on the rehabilitation of the Brickvale Sewage Pumpstation. The contractor responsible for the required repair work is currently at work, and the removal of sludge from the pump sump has been successfully completed to make way for the required refurbishment work. To prevent spillage, a temporary sump in the form of a trench has been excavated with regular draining of accumulating sludge from the temporary sump conducted.

Once the Brickvale pumpstation is fully operational, the trench will undergo rehabilitation under the supervision of the consulting environmental service provider. Furthermore, the municipality can report that mechanical pumps at the station have been repaired and re-installed, electrical components also installed, and repairs are underway for the backup generator. In response to vandalism concerns, armed security personnel have been stationed on site to ensure the safety of the generator and electrical components. The pump station is expected to be fully operational by the end of May 2024.

Apart from the Munsieville and Brickvale Pump Stations, the municipality has in total allocated R7.5 million in the current 2023/2024 financial year ending 30 June 2024, for the refurbishment and maintenance of three additional major sewage pumpstations namely:

  • Muldersdrift – Rietfontein Village
  • Muldersdrift – eThembalethu, and
  • Magaliesburg – Ga Mohale

All this prioritisation of work, swift interventions and stringent project management have been key areas of focus for the municipality – all in light of the eminent threat to animal life, our biodiversity and human health due to the sewage spillage.


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