Mogale City’s Finance Division wishes to hereby caution potential service providers of a business opportunity scam.

In the latest scam, unaware service providers who are bidding for municipal work as per an advertised Request for Proposals (RFQs) or Tenders are solicited monies for the awarding of a tender or contract after having submitted a bid for municipal business.

The scammer who going by the name of a Mr. David Mogashwa is calling on and misleading unsuspecting service providers using a 079 461 1263 mobile number, which also appears on call identification apps as registered under Mogale City Local Municipality.

Bidders and businesses are misled into believing that as a municipal employer he can assist with the awarding of business if and when monies are paid to him.

The municipality therefore wishes to caution businesses against falling prey to such scams and continue to emphasize that:

  • The awarding of business is concluded through formal, financial management act-complying and transparent processes
  • The said Mr. Mogashwa is not an employee of the municipality and has no relation with Mogale City
  • That stringent Supply Chain Management policy principals are applied with the awarding of Tenders, RFQs or any municipal business unswayed by individuals as claimed by the scammer, and lastly
  • Mogale City does not request upfront payments for the awarding of business, jobs, land, RDP homes and property or any other municipal product offerings

The business sector is therefore advised that if they suspect to have received any fraudulent communication or requests from the municipality or have been approached by the said individual who attempts to solicit a fee using the Mogale City name and/or brand, please do not cooperate. We urge you to contact the nearest police station.