Mogale City Local Municipality would like to inform affected Chancliff residents and surrounding businesses that the municipality is continuing with work on the restoration of power to areas affected by power faults and outages.

From the evening of Sunday 14 January and intermittently over this week, heavy storm winds swept through the city causing loss of power supply to some parts of Chancliff. A number of electrical structures including 18 overhead line poles, streetlighting structures and a pole-mount transformer were damaged by the strong winds. 

The municipality’s technical team is working around the clock to restore supply, however affected residents and businesses may be without electricity for an extended period (estimated until Monday, 22 January 2024), due to the extent of the damage to poles and the other infrastructure.

During the supply interruption period, electricity users are urged to treat all electrical lines, sockets and appliances as live and dangerous.

We apologise for the inconvenience and again assure affected residents and businesses that repairs are being attended to with the required urgency.