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ISSUED:                                 Tuesday, 9 January 2024


Mogale City Local Municipality wishes to inform residents, businesses and other affected parties of Eskom’s maintenance work scheduled for 21 January 2024 set to potentially affect water supply in the city. On the date, Eskom will do the following maintenance work on its Eikenhof system which supplies the Mogale City network:

  • Maintenance on transformer at Zuikerbosch Water Treatment Plant = estimated at +- 8 hours of work
  • Replacement of of defective valves on the Q2 pipeline = +- 24 hours of work

This scheduled maintenance work will affect water supply by 24%, calling for intervention measures prior and towards the scheduled maintenance work date.

Whilst Mogale City will take the required precautions in working towards stable reservoir levels to ensure uninterrupted water supply during the maintenance, residents are equally required to restrict water consumption to household use, commencing right away.                                                                                 

The Department Infrastructure Development Services will therefore monitor the water levels of the reservoirs on a regular basis during this period. Should the water network get to a point where no water will be available during the planned maintenance of Eskom, emergency water tankers will be dispatched to the affected areas.

With load shedding resumed after the festive holiday period and water consumption also on the increase due to hot weather conditions, restricted water use is therefore critical. Residents are discouraged from watering gardens, hosing of pavements, filling swimming pools or any other high water consumption activities to ease pressure on the network and ensure uninterrupted supply.

Mogale Water Services thanks you in advance for your co-operation.

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Mogale City Water Services


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