Mogale City Local Municipality regrets to inform members of the public that its entire IT system is down. All telephones including our Customer Care line, emails and account payment facilities are currently offline thus no transactions can be performed.

A dedicated team of technicians has been attending to the problem since this morning and regular updates concerning restoration of our IT system will be provided on our website and WhatsApp notices.

In the interim, customers are urged to use our WhatsApp line 083 787 2814 to report sewer, water and electricity interruptions.

Account holders that wish to check their account balances or download statements can click here. For online registration, please note that if your account number is less than 15 digits, add zeros in front of your number to make it a total of 15 digits. This is to ensure that the system can find your account number.

The municipality apologises for the inconvenience caused by this unfortunate network failure.