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Mogale City Council approves application to declare Rietvallei X5 as a local disaster area

The 6th Ordinary Council of Mogale City Local Municipality that sat this week approved the submission of an application for the declaration of Rietvallei Extension Five (X5) as a local disaster area due to the recent flooding of the area.

Rietvallei X5 experienced flooding because of heavy rains as well as rising underground water tables. It is also alleged that there is negligence by commercial entities in the area which is compounded by illegal miners damaging the water reticulation systems in the area. Initially a total of sixteen (16) households were affected by the flooding which rose to thirty-two (32) by the middle of the year. The houses are submerged under water, and extensive risk assessment that was done in conjunction with the West Rand District Municipality revealed that the houses are no longer suitable for habitation. To make matters worse, the nearby Rietvallei Sewer Pump Station has been rendered dysfunctional as the water levels rose. The Slovoville Primary School in the vicinity has also been submerged; become unreachable and unusable therefore it was closed.

The municipality has successfully relocated the affected families to housing developments around the West Rand. However, the problem is growing and compromising the structural integrity of houses of the remaining families.

The municipality with partners, viz. City of Johannesburg, Harmony Gold Mine, the West Rand District Municipality and the provincial government have already put substantial amounts and effort in the interim and are working around the clock to avoid a disaster of the magnitude of the 2022 dam collapse in Jagersfontein, Free State that left the area covered in mining waste. To reach a long-lasting solution, the municipality will submit an application in terms of Section 23 and 55 of the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 for the area to be declared a local disaster area. This will allow for provision of emergency funds to deal with the problem and avoid penalties that may arise as per the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998).         


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