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Eikenhof glitches continue to affect water supply

Following the recently reported City Power outage on 8 June 2023 at the Orlando Power Station which subsequently affected pumping of water at Rand Water’s Eikenhof Pump Station, residents in some parts of Mogale City are still experiencing no water supply or low water pressure. This said incident has negatively affected the pumping of water into the Kagiso Reservoir resulting in lower reservoir levels which has affected water supply longer than anticipated. 

In order for the municipality to supply water to its full capacity, the Kagiso Reservoir must be at a minimum level of 5.0m or above, which then allows for pumps to automatically switch on and pump water into the tower. Over the last few days, levels at the reservoir have been ranging between 0.2m and 2.0m, thus limiting the pumping of water. At these levels pumps can’t automatically switch on, are thus manually operated to prevent damage and as a result, higher lying areas including parts of Kagiso Central, Extension 2, 6 and 8 receiving water from the tower are affected most during these operations.

Whilst the municipality is constantly engaging Rand Water and awaiting an update report, we continue to plead with consumers that still have running water to reduce their consumption and refrain from trying to store water by filling bathtubs and other containers. These actions and not using water sparingly drop water levels in the reservoir as it does not get a chance to fill up.

The municipality will continue to provide water through tankers and updates from Rand Water will be made available through the municipal website, local media and WhatsApp notices as soon as it is received. Wards Councilors that need water tankers are urged to direct their request for water tankers to the MMC for Infrastructure Development Services: Cllr Peter Modise on 084 971 0283. Members of the community should also note that it is undesirable and not cost effective to the municipality when water tankers remains stationary in an area and waiting for water to be collected whereas another affected area could be serviced during that lost and costly time.

We apologise for this inconvenience and humbly request for your patience and understanding during this period.

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Water Services 

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