Mogale City’s Fleet Management recently prioritised over R7 million of its budget to add three skip loader trucks to the municipality’s fleet. This procurement will not only reduce leasing costs but also accelerate and improve waste collection in the city thus improve service delivery. Prior this procurement, the municipality had been on a full maintenance lease contract since 2015 which was extended on a month-to-month basis through deviation.

Fleet Management officially handed over the trucks to Integrated Waste Management Division during an unveiling ceremony held at Chamdor Yard. According to Fleet Management, the trucks (2022 UD CWE 330 Automatic Transmission model) have a three-year maintenance plan which will reduce maintenance costs and are all fitted with specialised tracking devices to monitor driver behaviour and misuse. The trucks are also under the National Transversal Contract and will be serviced and maintained accordingly to lengthen their lifespan.

As part of Mogale City’s plans, the procurement of more trucks is on the cards including the purchase of 12 water tankers, six vacuum tankers, four tractors and slashers, a landfill compactor as well as three roll-on trucks.

The municipality appeal to members of the community to report any municipal official that misuses the trucks so that steps can be taken against them.