Messages circulating largely on social media platforms warning members of the public not to drink municipality supplied water, linking it to a typhoid fever outbreak has created some panic across the country. Amidst widespread circulation of these messages, Mogale City’s Water Services conducted the necessary drinking water analysis in accordance with the South African National Standards (SANS) 241: 2015 Drinking Water Standards and can confirm that Mogale City supplied water is safe to drink.

Typhoid fever is a disease caused by Salmonella serotype typhi bacteria. As the country’s leading bulk water supplier to Mogale City and others, Rand Water has disinfection water treatment processes in place to inactivate bacterial such as Salmonella typhi.  The treatment processes include primary chlorine, secondary monochloramine and in certain locations, tertiary hypochlorite disinfection processes. Rand Water also monitors for Escherichia coli, a bacteria used to indicate the presence of other bacteria in drinking water and all reports show that drinking water supplied by Rand Water complies with (SANS) 241: 2015.

In addition to Rand Water checks, the municipality also monitors water provided to communities daily and all drinking water samples tested complied and pose no health risk. Please click here to download  the latest water quality report. 

We continue to appeal to all residents and businesses operating in the city to ignore faceless messages and only heed communiques shared via Mogale City website, WhatsApp notices branded with our logo and other local media platforms.

We thank you.

Issued by:
Water Services Division
Call Centre: 0861 664 253