It is time for all good citizens to stand up and be counted – or if you have registered on time online, to get comfy and be counted from your couch in the Census 2022 which will be the first digital population count.

What is Census?  

  • The total count of a population where children, babies, homeless people and foreign nationals within the borders of a country are counted
  • It collects data about a country’s socio-economic dynamics – people’s living conditions, access to basic services, income, employment, etc.
  • Government uses data collected for planning, policy formulation and evidence-based decision-making
  • Census results are used as a basis for budget allocations across local, provincial and national government e.g. provides municipal data for use in IDPs

Data collection methods

Three methods will be used to collect census data namely face-to-face interviews, Computer Assisted Personal interview (CAPI)/ Online – Computer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI) and Telephonic – Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview (CATI). Respondents must register and select the method they prefer to fill the census questionnaire. Registration for households/institutions is now open on For further assistance with registration, respondents may contact the call centre on 0800 110 248. The registration platform is data free, so you will not be charged for accessing the registration platform.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) is mandated in terms of Section 17 of the Statistics Act (Act No.6 of 1999) that the information collected on individuals and their households be treated as confidential. Stats SA will therefore not ask about your banking details, political affiliation or ask for payment to participate in the census.  

Is participation in the census mandatory?

In terms of Section 16 (2) of the Statistics Act, all persons are mandated to answer questions put to them by an authorised Stats SA official when requested. It is an offence to refuse to answer questions put to you and you will be liable on conviction by a competent court of law to a fine not exceeding R10 000, imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both a fine and imprisonment.  

How to identify a Stats SA field worker?

Through an official Stats SA identification card displaying the Stats SA logo and the fieldworker’s photograph. The official will be wearing a Census 2022 branded over-shirt. Respondents can also contact the Census 2022 toll-free number (0800 110 248) to verify the authenticity of fieldworkers.