As we begin to pick up pace in the new year, the city continues with its major water infrastructure upgrades. Mogale City’s Water Services Division will on 22 February 2022 resume work on Phase 3 of the Aged Pipeline Replacement Project targeted at replacing existing asbestos pipe infrastructure that have corroded and reached the end of their lifespan with new water pipelines.

The three phased project started in 2021 and is expected to be fully completed by end of June 2022. This critical water infrastructure project will also aid in reducing water losses through cracked or burst asbestos pipes and therefore improve the quality-of-service delivery we render to our communities. Due to this phased work in progress, water supply to some streets in Mindalore will be suspended as scheduled below:

Date Street name Time Affected streets

                                                                           February 2022

22 Cnr Impala and Wege 08h30am – 16h00 Impala

Richardson and Wege

Main Reef and Trezona

Cnr Impala and Main Reef


08h30am – 16h00


Impala (On Main Reef)


Cnr Trezona and Michael Blink

Cnr Trezona and Van Zyl Ham

08h30am – 16h00

Michael Blink

Van Zly Ham

                                                                            March 2022


Cnr Trezona and Moller

Exchange and Impala

08h30am – 16h00


Exchange and Bow


Cnr Van Rooyen and Trezona

Cnr Trezona ans Haynes

08h30am – 16h00 Van Rooyen Haynes
4 Exchange and Giffin 09h00am – 16h00
5 Exchange and Rubben 09h30am – 16h00

There will be no water supply on the affected streets during the above-mentioned times and residents are advised to make water arrangements prior the commencement of the shutdown.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and as much as apologise for any inconvenience this will cause, this will have greater long-term benefits to all in Mogale City.