Following an earlier meeting with Rand Water, we can report that maintenance work at the Eikenhof System has been completed but cleaning of the sedimentation tank is still ongoing. Eikenhof is currently pumping 1,000 megalitres of water per day below the required 1,200 megalitres per day.

This pumped amount not only supplies Mogale City but is also distributed Johannesburg Water and parts of the North West. Consequently, the recovery of our systems will be slow due to the pumping deficit.  

Our reservoir levels are currently at the following percentages and are expected to stabilise with your cooperation and responsible usage:  

  • Witpoortjie Reservoir supplying Kagiso: 17%
  • Reservoir 2: 17%
  • Reservoir 3: 8%
  • Reservoir 4 supplying CBD: 33%

We cannot thank our residents enough for their cooperation prior to this maintenance work.

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