Rand Water will be conducting extensive maintenance of their infrastructure from 22 June until 29 July 2024. According to a statement released by the bulk supplier, the proactive maintenance is important to preserve the quality and integrity of their infrastructure, reduce maintenance costs in the long term and increase the life span of their infrastructure and assets.

In Mogale City, Bosasa flats in Summerfield will be affected by this maintenance on 22 June 2024 while the rest of the city may possibly be affected from 24 June to 13 July 2024 when maintenance work is conducted at the Eikenhof System that supplies Mogale City.

Mogale City Water Services has the below 21-day contingency plan in place to manage storage capacity prior, during and after the maintenance period.

Managed water storage

Mogale City is currently in discussions with Rand Water to ensure our reservoir levels are maximised ahead of the scheduled maintenance. This will not only ensure extended water availability to supply our areas, but also keep our taps running for longer. However, due to challenges of low water pressure during high demand periods, we advise consumers to start their own storage capacity well in advance in the event of potential interruption. It is crucial that consumers do not wait until the day before the shutdown to begin storing water as this will significantly deplete our storage levels. The recovery of normal water supply can take approximately five to 14 days after the supply has been fully restored.

Increase in supply of water tankers

Past experiences have shown that the current number of water tankers may be insufficient during critical water shortages. Additionally, rural areas that do not receive water through our infrastructure network have also been prioritised. To address this, the Water Services team is exploring the sourcing of additional water tankers to cover areas with shortfalls. Water tanker locations will be shared with consumers throughout this period.

Throttling and water shedding

To prevent a total collapse of the water distribution system and manage water distribution effectively, Water Services will implement throttling of the reservoir outlet to maintain adequate water levels and consistent pressure should the need arise. This means temporarily cutting off water supply to areas with lower demand to prioritise those with greater need.

Regular monitoring and communication

The municipality will closely monitor water levels and provide regular updates to residents through the official municipal website and WhatsApp notifications.

We are committed to working hand-in-hand with all consumers, residents, councillors and local media to manage this period effectively.